32 Weeks

how far along are you? 32 Weeks (AH) It's insane that i have 8 (ish) weeks left! That seems so small.

sleep: sleep has been getting harder, the heaviness of my belly when i have to get up, or even roll over is noticeably different from last week. baby sure feels bigger, it's sleeping patterns have become a lot more routine, and when it's awake, it is just jumping around, and when that happens in the middle of the night it sure keeps me up!  

movement: just crazy, dan was so surprised after not feeling it for not even a week, when i came home from nelson last weekend he could tell the difference. you can feel limbs and more distinct punches and rolls than ever before. grow baby grow. 

favourite moment: my work schedule came out today and i think it's the last one i'll be on! that was pretty surreal. 

i've been craving lots of salads this week, and fruit! been drinking lots of smoothies and of course eating so many strawberries and oranges.

looking forward to: nothing crazy happening this week, lindsay and i had a pretty great brainstorming session today that left me pretty inspired and excited about the next few weeks & months.

changes to the home: nothin' this week!