31 Weeks

31 weeks! yesterday was 2 months until my due date, it was a but surreal when i looked at the calendar and saw that it was the 27th. I'm starting to slow down, I've been working 6 days a week and my body is finally telling me to slooooow down. so, i'm cutting back on a shift, and gave my notice, only a few weeks left and I'm done. mentally i'm so ready for it, and ready to have more time to spend at home, preparing for everything around here. also, i can't really bend over, so when i drop things at work, it's getting tricky, if it can stay on the ground, it stays on the ground. it only gets picked up if it needs to. haha.

baby's movements are getting a lot more defined. instead of squirming around what felt like all the time, it's sleeping a lot more and when it's awake, it's kicking and punching and sometimes keeping me up at night. i know i'm going to miss feeling the little movements across my stomach, rolls and kicks, it's crazier than i ever imagined, oh gosh, i can't wait to meet this little guy.

speaking of preparing for everything around here... i had a dream the other night that baby was here, and i didn't have any diapers, i had nothing, i had a mini panic attack. i know i still have lots of time, but it really wasn't a good feeling. 

i'm so overwhelmed by the little gifts i've been given from friends and readers! it's such a huge blessing. these are a few adorable things from my fav local friends.

booties | little mountain
cactus leggings | looloo's
knit vest | blake & riley

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  1. The nursery corner looks so cute, I love the color of that crib!