30 Weeks

how far along are you? 30 weeks, ah that feels like a big milestone reaching the thirties!

sleep: this is the first week that baby has legit kept me up at night. i notice sometimes in the middle of the night, but almost always around 5am if i get up to go to the bathroom, as soon as i lay down it is just a squirmy little thing. kicking and flipping around, and i find it so hard to go back to sleep! crazy.

movement: dan and i saw the craziest kick a few nights ago, and got a little video of it moving around. the kicks and punches are getting more distinct and obvious, it's really weird, looks like there's a little alien under there. i love it. 

favourite moment: a few nights ago, dan was rubbing lotion over my itchy belly, as soon as he stopped, the baby did a huge kick that just lingered for a few seconds and then slowly went down, we just looked at each other in amazement, like "what the heck!" and then it continued to 

looking forward to: our bedroom makeover is almost done! Can't wait until our apartment feels "liveable" again. 

changes to the home: yesterday, dan spent the afternoon/evening putting together the shelf in our bedroom! i'm so, so happy with how it turned out, so impressed with how he turned my idea into something prettier than i even imagined! now i have to find some pretty baskets and figure out what to put on it, so fun. we also put the crib together last night, oh it's so pretty and cute. that was pretty surreal.

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