29 Weeks

how far along are you? 29 weeks

sleep: oof it's starting to get uncomfortable! Jjust this week i've really noticed a big difference. the skin of my belly feels tight & itchy, back is getting sore, leg cramps, all the fun stuff. 

movement: if how active this baby is, is a sign of it's personality, I think it's going to be a wild thing. 

favourite moment: every night before bed, when dan and i just stare at my belly and feel the baby kick, it's always really active around that time, and shows off it's backflips and judo chops. 

chai latte's and still, tacos. 

belly button in or out? wayyyy out

looking forward to: I just started looking into essential oils and am quite excited about it. i just ordered some roller bottles off of amazon and can't wait to put together some magic potions. i spent a while looking at them at whole foods this afternoon and bought one to help with stretch marks (not the cheapest place to find them or i would have stocked up!) do you have any experience or knowledge on using essential oils? i know being pregnant there are a good list to stay away from, but if you have any combos or favourites, i would love to know!

changes to the home: the last few weeks have been a bit too busy to get anything done, but last weekend we (dan) stained the wood for the shelves we're building for our bedroom, so we can hopefully get it built within the next week! we have our crib still sitting in the box waiting to be assembled, i can't wait to see it put together, but we need to free up some space first.

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