28 Weeks

The Third Trimester! So crazy. I'll skip the regular bump update this week again, just because. This week was a blast, Lindsay and I hit the road monday morning and made our way through Portland and onward to the Oregon Coast. We met lots of amazing people, had great conversations with friends, and covered our bodies in sand. It was so needed.

I have to admit, the thought of road tripping at 6+ months pregnant made me nervous. I was worried about where we would be sleeping, and how my body would feel after so much driving, nervous about something bad happening *while in americaaaaahhh* but I'm so happy that once we were on the road most of that fear left and it was all ok. I mostly slept great, the driving was so broken up, and as long as we stopped to stretch our legs I was all good. It was so fun. So great to have a little get away with my sister before this baby comes.

So, 28 weeks, the bump is ever growing, I picked up our crib at our US mailbox on the way home from the States, can't wait to assemble that thing! Thrifted about 5 baby overalls, bought the cutest little striped sweater onesie, (first official clothing baby purchase since being pregnant!)

I'm excited that we're now in the third trimester, the final stretch of this pregnancy. Baby is healthy and strong and I'm so thankful for that.

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