25 Weeks

how far along are you? 25 weeks

sleep: Not getting enough of it, and I've notice myself feeling nauseous when I'm too sleepy! Not good, been trying to get back to 9 hours and that makes a big difference! 

movement: Oh man, so much movement this week, Dan and I were laying in bed and it was like a tidal wave moving across my stomach, it was the craziest I've seen! 

favourite moment: Today a customer told me I was the least pregnant looking pregnant woman he's seen, I took that as a nice compliment.

cravings: I was grocery shopping tonight and was strolling past the crackers and saw goldfish crackers and instantly needed them. That craving couldn't wait and they became my snack for the rest of my shopping trip, so satisfying just cracking them open in the middle of the aisle and popping them into my mouth. 

belly button in or out? Sticking out a lot most of the time, as you can see in the photo above, no hiding that button!

looking forward to: Buying things, I'm getting a bit ancy that we haven't bought a thing for this baby! It's still early, but hoping in the next few weeks to order the crib and stroller, now that we've made up our mind on them, can't wait.

changes to the home: We made a big Home Depot run that lasted a few hours, crazy how that happens when you're going back and fourth through each section, pricing and measuring out everything we will need! We finally decided on a design for the shelf we're going to build in our bedroom, and are going to get started this week. It gets tricky when you don't have a workshop, backyard, or a garage. It makes staining the wood and building things a lot trickier! It'll take a few trips to our parents houses and borrowing their garage 'til we can get this all done. Planning to spend one of our weekend days doing a big purge in our apartment to make room for our new little roommate!

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