26 Weeks

how far along are you? 26 weeks

sleep: it's been a rough week and I blame my husband! He's had a terrible cough that's kept us up most nights, poor guy. He got food poisoning last sunday night and was up the entire night moaning and in so much pain, and then he got a cold the next day, so it's been a bit of a tough one. I hate sickness! being sick while pregnant is the worst too, so i've been trying to keep my distance which is no fun, hopefully he kicks it soon!

movement: Oh man, we have such an active baby, starting to feel the kicks higher and lower than before, it's crazy to be able to feel that the baby has grown by the movement. it's not just kicking in one spot any more, i can feel it all over, so, so bazaar. I love it. 

favourite moment: about 5 minutes ago when i ordered our crib off of amazon! eep!

crazy bread was an instant craving that made me pull into a little caesars. so satisfying. I've been cooking up a storm this week and it feels so good. I've been putting a lot more effort into putting together meals and meal planning, and have found some amazing recipes. I finally dove into my Oh She Glows cookbook, and have a new favourite cashew alfredo recipe. I'm so glad that something (not sure what) inspired me to start experimenting with meals again and get more creative with cooking!

looking forward to: march on T&T is going to be a fun one, I'm really looking forward to the adventures to come! 

changes to the home: last sunday was insane. I woke up to dan cooking me breakfast, which was the best treat. Breakfast in bed and downton abbey was the best start to the day. once we had a good long morning vegging out, we started the purge. we tore apart our bedroom, literally nothing didn't move! We filled our car with boxes of stuff to take to the thrift store, such a good feeling. took apart our bed and set up a new one we bought off craigslist last week, reorganized everything. we're only about halfway done our apartment, but it was such a good & productive start!

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