24 Weeks

how far along are you? 24 weeks

sleep: it's starting to get a bit uncomfortable! i'm glad i trained myself to sleep on my side when i first found out i was pregnant, (always used to sleep on tummy). but it's starting to feel heavy and i'm getting some occasional back pains, oh and leg cramps, major bonus! but if i take a bath before bed, that's a major help, especially with the leg cramps. 

movement: so much, baby was kicking so much the other night i actually managed to get a good kick on snapchat, not bad for a 10 second window. it's an active little thing!

favourite moment: on monday we went and looked at strollers and cribs, i have to say, dan is amazing. he's so into all this stuff that i just didn't expect him to be excited about! he wanted to buy the stroller that day and practice pushing it for 4 months. with everything going on with my mom's health these days, it's been hard not having her to go shopping for baby things or go look at cribs like we had planned. having dan so keen has been a huge blessing and is really helping make that a lot easier, he's going to be one amazing dad!

cravings: oranges everyday. my favourite bedtime snack is a nice juicy orange and a piece of extra dark chocolate. heaven. 

looking forward to: as of last monday dan has mondays off again! when we first got married we always had mondays off together and it was so good, gave us a chance to do errands together, or just do anything, kind of like a normal saturday for normal working people i guess? haha, i'm excited to have them back, even though i'm still working the early shift at the cafe, it gives him a chance to have a morning to sleep in and we get a day to start getting things prepared for little baby k!
changes to the home: we finally picked up a new bed frame this week and are starting our bedroom makeover, i'm pretty excited this is finally happening, i've been talking about it for years and something is finally happening! we've never put any time or money into our bedroom since we've moved into this apartment over 2 years ago, so i'm excited to finally focus on that space and make it cozy and comfortable for the 3 of us!


  1. Adorable! Question: where do you get all of these cute clothes (maternity?) from? I am 18 weeks and in desperate need of a closet make over. :)

  2. these leggings and top are from the maternity section at H&M! I got some great jeans there as well...Trying to buy things that will fit me still after the pregnancy, like low rise boyfriend jeans and lots of t-shirt dresses!

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    2. Thanks so much for your info! My belly isn't too big right now. I'm in that awkward phase of not fitting into my own clothes, but still too small for maternity. Boy is it tough! I actually bought a pair of low rise boyfriends from forever 21 and have been living in them. Those and leggibgs for now. Brandy Melville has great long shirts and t-shirt dresses, if you are looking. Thanks so much for the info! Hope your pregnancy is treating you well. :)

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