23 Weeks

how far along are you? 23 weeks

movement: tonight was very special because my mom and dad bot got to feel the baby kick! i'm so glad i got to share that special moment with them, it was precious. baby's been kicking and flipping like crazy, i think there's a lot of daniel in this little one. 

favourite moment: ^^

cravings: nothing crazy this week! still fish tacos, every, single, day. 

belly button in or out? it's maintaining a pretty even level with the rest of my belly!

looking forward to: hoping that this weekend dan and i can go start to do a bit of baby shopping, been looking around on amazon and pinterest for the right stroller, crib, etc, but hopefully we can see some of them in person so we can finally decide on what to go with!

changes to the home: nothinggg, hopefully starting some of our "bedroom makeover" this weekend though!

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  1. Those first two pictures are killing me!! One of my favourite moments about this pregnancy has been seeing my husband getting more and more excited about meeting our little one! Such a sweet thing to witness!