21 Weeks

how far along are you? 21 weeks

sleep: Not a great week, a little sickness creeped in and threw me off and I've been super groggy the last few days and just can't get enough sleep, but I think I've almost kicked it though

movement: Moving a lot, we had an ultrasound yesterday and it was amazing, so crazy to see baby moving around so much, so cool.

favourite moment: We started our prenatal classes this week, and we learned sooo much, it was so great and I'm so happy that we are doing them! Such a fun night meeting a bunch of other couples who are in the same stage of pregnancy that we are. We are doing the program at the South Community Birth Program, and so far we are loving it!

cravings: I had an all day craving for a White Spot legendary burger, so we picked those up for dinner one night, and I've pretty much been craving fish tacos every day. 

belly button in or out? Still about halfway there!

looking forward to: This week has been a pretty exciting one as far as work and Treasures & Travels goes. A lot of opportunities and dreams for the upcoming year, I had the very first moment of realizing this is so close to being my dream job, and it practically is. So far, financially, (even though it's only been a few weeks) this year has been so different from the last few, and it's a strange feeling for Dan and I. I guess a lot of hard work really does pay off.

changes to the home: I finally took down all the Christmas stuff and my home feels so much better! Much cozier, cleaner and spacious. i love it!


  1. I absolutely love reading bumpdates! Such a fun and exciting time!!

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