late night rambling

last night while we're both lying in bed, checking facebook and sending emails, i had one of those thoughts about how life is going to change so much in a few months. i started thinking about how it's going to be the three of us, i'm so excited for the adventures that will come. i started to feel the baby kick and realized he or she was there with us already, such a strange thing that it's so close, but still so unknown to us. i'm so fascinated. i am so excited to see resemblances and meet this tiny person, to baby proof things and learn a whole lot of patience. to *hopefully* never have to wake up for another opening coffee shop shift again (although i know i'll miss that, especially now that i've found a place i love). i'm excited for baby wraps and to push a stroller, birthday parties and lots of visits to mom and dads to do laundry. (still wondering how the no laundry thing is going to work, see ya cloth diapers).

my mind is starting to shift and it just makes me laugh. i can't take my eyes off the newborn strapped to the mom grabbing her cappuccino, or every stroller that comes through the door at work this morning, wondering if it's the one i was looking at last night online. comparing the ways parents talk to their kids, treat them, and being way too judgemental, think to myself "i will never let my kids do that." i'm learning a lot, but i know that i have no idea how challenging and rewarding motherhood will be until it's here. but i'm so excited.

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  1. So sweet! Welcome to the inside of my mind. Sometimes I think my brain belongs to someone who has been pregnant for six years straight