20 Weeks

ok so i've officially decided to do a weekly bump update (thank you mom and sister for convincing me). my sister showed me a cute blog the other day and they she had a similar little weekly checklist, so i thought it would be fun to do something similar, and keep me from blabbing and actually do a proper update!

how far along are you? 20 weeks

sleep: i have been sleeping really well! other than the last few weeks, drinking water throughout the day makes me a bit nauseous, but then at about 9:00 I am SO parched, i try not to drink too much water before i go to bed, but i just crave it, thus waking me up at least 2 or 3 times in the night to pee, it sucks. i'm gonna try and change that

movement: so much movement these days, especially in the evening which this past week dan and i have had lots of nights off together, so it's been fun watching downton abbey on the couch and both of us getting to feel baby kick and flip around.

favourite moment: today when a friend came into my work and said i looked so great, and that i was glowing, haha so lame, but when i feel like most of my customers are looking at me like "is she pregnant or does she drink too much of that craft beer," it was a nice moment in my day.

cravings: this weeks biggest cravings were french onion dip & ripple chips (caved), tuna sub (didn't do it), and steak (it was already 10pm, haha so that didn't happen).

happy or moody? i feel mostly happy, but i definitely had some pretty bad moody days this week. (sorry dan)

belly button in or out? about halfway there! so weird

looking forward to: i realized today that after picking up a few shifts that my first day off of the year will be january 18, oy! so i'm very much looking forward to that day. plus i get to see my girl jess and meet her twin babies, AH i can't wait. with the help of my friend kir i'm starting to finally do some research on baby things to buy which i'm going to start deciding once i get the million of other work-related things crossed off my list!

changes to the home: nothing yet this week, i still have a sad looking christmas tree and all my decor to take down, but i did buy some chalkboard paint this week and decided i'm painting a wall in my living room, can't wait. 

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  1. I'm so excited to hang out too! Also, your boobs are getting bigger ;) You look smokin'.