Christmas '14

This Christmas was special, it was so relaxing, quiet, and restful. We had a nice day on Christmas eve at the Klenners with Dan's parents, sister and her husband. We had a nice breakfast, sat by the fire, and then cooked up a big feast! It was so amazing to have a few days off! After Dan's crazy few weeks of gigs and mixing in his studio it was so great to just slow down, watch movies and hang out with our families. We slept over at my parents house Christmas eve and woke up to stockings! So good, these are a highlight for Dan and he talks about them all year because he didn't grow up with them! I love that we all still pile on my mom and dad's bed and open our stockings one by one, talking about each item. It's so fun. I think this may be me and Dan's last year, because we always talked about us getting them until we have kids, so next Christmas we will have a 7 month old (whaaaa?) who knows, maybe we can talk our parents into doing a combined one ;) 

Oh, one thing that's fun, Christmas day I was 18 weeks! I had just started feeling the baby kick for real so much that week, even could feel it with my hand a few times which was so surreal. We were up early on Christmas morning, laying in bed and just enjoying being up and having no where to be! Baby started kicking so much, and Dan finally felt it with his hand, and put his face on my belly and got a nice little kick in the face. What a perfect way to start off Christmas day. It was magical.

Christmas morning sunrise, it was such a beautiful day!

Love my family, so glad we snagged this photo, we never get any together! 

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