17 Weeks

Baby is growing! I'm just over 17 weeks and feeling so, so much better than I did in the first trimester. The endless nausea is gone and I have a lot more energy, feeling so much more like myself. 
I had my monthly checkup today, and everything is looking great. I love hearing the baby's speedy heartbeat and have started to feel it move so much these days too, it's so amazing.

Dan is just about getting through the busiest month of his life, and I'm SO excited to have a few days off over Christmas to spend time much needed time with our families, each other, and do a lot of eating and lazing around. He is so excited for this baby, it makes me so happy. I feel so grateful to have a husband who is so fascinated with every detail. He texted me so late the other night to remind him to tell me that he got the best parenting advice from someone he met while playing a gig. He's going to be such a great dad. I can't wait to start our family and experience life with our little babe. 23 weeks to go!


  1. Yesterday I started reading your blog and I love it. Your blog has a calm which is very nice.
    I am looking forward to more. :-)

    best wishes,

  2. Just found out your blog,Im 19 weeks now,off to found you on IG:)