Quiet Day

I realized today that since this blog is currently private, I can pretty much share whatever I want on it without worrying about spilling the beans, which is really fun to me right now. I've been dying to tell the world our little secret, this little baby growing bigger inside me each day. It feels so real, I didn't think it would feel so real.
I have been sick and extremely tired, so on days like today when I really don't have a lot of work that needs to get done, I take the doctors advice and rest. It feels so good. I watched way, way too many episodes of Parenthood, baked some banana muffins that were delictable, (and then ate too many of them), lit some candles and camped out on the couch all day. It was rare, and fun, and I love that I just don't feel guilty at all.
I'm so excited to finally make the big announcement in a couple of days, whenever Dan and I get a few minutes of daylight together to snap some cheesy photos.
I'm going to go watch one more episode before Dan gets home, It's 7:30 and I could just about crawl into bed, but I should probably wait until at least 9.

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