Hazel Marguerite Klenner

Wow wow wow. Welcome to the world beautiful baby girl. Life in the last 2 weeks has changed drastically and we are having so much fun with this little hazelnut. She's a great sleeper, loves to cuddle and is growing quick. She was born on June 1 at 1:21am and weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. She was over her birth weight just 10 days later! We're obsessed with her and she's loved by so many, we feel so blessed to have our fridge and freezer more full than it's ever been, and our living room full of friends coming to meet our new little bundle. Dan heads back to work on Tuesday, which will be a big adjustment. Having him home the last two weeks has been such a treat. I'm going to miss him bringing me breakfast in bed and a latte every morning. He's so good to us, and loves his baby girl SO much, it's definitely brought out a different side that I haven't seen before, and it's beautiful. I'm excited to hopefully sit down and write out my birth story this week when I have some time. It was an amazing experience and I feel really lucky that Hazel's birth went as well as it did. It took a lot of work and prep, but I'm so glad I put all of that in, it was worth it.

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  1. Your little family is honestly the sweetest thing. Enjoy this time, mama! I'm sure it will go by so quickly. Little Hazel is so precious! I follow you on Instagram and am always so excited when I see a new photo of yours pop up on my feed. :-)

    Sending love from New Zealand x

    timothy + ariana