Tour Part 4 | New York

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this was dan and my first time in new york city! we were both really looking forward to it and were so happy when we got there and had a few hours to ourselves to do what we pleased! i had a bit of an anxiety attack when we stepped out of the van and had an hour 1/2 on the clock, and i just wanted to run around like a crazy person and see as much as i could, and all dan wanted was a good coffee. we keep each other balanced. i asked a lady who looked like she knew her way around where we could get a good coffee and she steered us in the right direction! we ended up at a very cute spot with the best looking food i've ever seen and we got ourselves some really, really good coffee. we ended up just strolling around, i finally calmed down and realized i really won't be seeing anything much because a few hours really isn't enough time to do ny justice, so i enjoyed my coffee, and we wandered around union square and the shops nearby.

we quickly found ourselves in a salvation army where dan picked up some very cool vintage headphones and myself a new bag.

we grabbed a bite of pizza and headed to the show. i had a bit of time to kill before doors were open so bethy, kir and i decided to hope on the subway and get a little peek of times square, it was so cold and rainy but a fun little trip nonetheless! the show was a lot of fun that night, probably one of the best ones, lots of people, lots of dancing, lots of fun!

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